A magisterial environmental indictment as well as being a cinematic work of pure beauty.
— Sequences, La Revue De Cinema, for Hadwin's Judgement
The heart fluctuates from wonder to anger, a magnificent, intriguing and painful film.
— Seoul Green Film Festival Selection Jury, for Hadwin's Judgement
Direction, photography, editing, sound, and music are combined in this film to achieve a masterpiece.
— Jury Report, BANFF International Mountain Film Festival, for Conflict Tiger
A bleak but gripping film that takes us into an entirely foreign world but is wisely content to leave us without any pat answers to the questions raised.
— Daily Telegraph, for Arctic Crime & Punishment
A gorgeously photographed, compulsively watchable and deeply sympathetic film that avoids dates, maps and biography in favour of myth and mystery.
— Globe & Mail, for Hadwin's Judgement
Offers a timely warning that is engaging, cinematic and yet refreshingly unpolemical. The film manages to situate the viewer both within the environment that moved Hadwin so profoundly and in his very troubled mental space.
— PoV Magazine, for Hadwin's Judgement
A beautifully shot, intelligent, atmospheric and completely unsensationalised account of Greenland’s unique justice system, set against the background of a huge culture shift which has bred a plethora of social problems. Superb.
— Time Out, for Arctic Crime & Punishment
A taut thriller that recalls Errol Morris’ finest work with a mesmerizing score, chilling re-enactments and candid interviews that gradually build the tension into a shattering climax.
— Jury Report, PLANET IN FOCUS, for Conflict Tiger
Conflict Tiger is awarded the Grand Prize and the Audience Award for the lasting relevance of its theme, uniqueness of subject, visual brilliance and overall excellence. The film possesses high cinematic qualities, excellent sense of drama and highlights the filmmaker’s own commitment.
— Jury Report, GREEN FILM FESTIVAL, Soeul
Quietly sensational.
— Radio Times, for Arctic Crime & Punishment
Absorbing, atmospheric and genuinely illuminating.
— The Times, for Arctic Crime & Punishment.
Many of the messages found in all the films we viewed were encompassed in this impressive story. Always on the border of fiction and documentary, the film creates intense suspense and tension. The story is an insight into the beginning of myths and legends. Bringing in a universal code of ethics, we see why a whole ecosystem is paramount for the survival of tiger, forest, and man.
— Jury Report, TRENTO FILM FESTIVAL, for Conflict Tiger
One compelling film with a beauty that becomes ever more precious as we bear witness to it’s destruction. Hadwin’s act was a supreme statement of self-sacrifice, akin to God watching the crucifixion of Christ.
— The Windsor Square, for Hadwin's Judgement